Q - Why do your beats all have 'Fingerman Beats' repeated throughout the music? Will the beat I purchase have this?

A - All beat makers have been forced to add an audio identifier to their samples, due to people stealing the music to use without permission. It is an unfortunate fact that this must be done, but a lot of time, effort and money goes into creating these beats and setting up the sample library. Rest assured that the beat you purchase will not have our name being heard in it.

Q - I don't hear anything I like. Why don't you have more variety?

A - At the moment, we are working at adding new beats in the most popular categories. Over time, more categories will be added, covering a much wider variety of music styles.

Q - My friend makes beats on his phone. Why should I care if yours are made in a studio? Both sound alike.

A - We record rappers at our studio, and many have brought beats they have purchased from friends, often with poor sound quality. They will sound good enough on cheap earbuds, but certainly not on a good music system. Our beats are radio-ready, professionally recorded and mastered.

Q - So you sample other people's music, and loop it into a beat to re-sell?

A - We never sample anything other than the sounds of instruments, orchestras, etc. with the exception of occasional human voices with permission. These are only the tones, not any actual musical performances. In all cases, we have legal copyright to use these sounds. We do not use 'other people's music'.

Q - Why do you show a low price, but then try to upsell for a much higher price?

A - Fingerman Beats offers four licensing plans on our tracks. The most popular is for a license to use the music as you wish, but we also sell other variations, up to an exclusive license, meaning you are the only person using it and we then remove it from our website. We never try to upsell anyone from one license type to the other.

Q - I heard one of your beats on another website. This proves you are just stealing other people's work.

A - There are some beat selling websites that purchase licenses, but then illegally re-sell the tracks on their own website. (with their own voice tag on it) If you hear one of our tracks somewhere else, it is because they are infringing on copyright laws by re-selling our work. Please let us know what website you heard it on and we will take legal action.

Q - I heard one of your beats on a rapper's new song on YouTube. You better go after him for stealing it.

A - This is more common that you might imagine. The rapper would have purchased an appropriate license for that beat and has every right to release his track under his own name.