John Fingerman (John Lister) was born in a steel town, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and grew up listening to his parents record collection. He listened to everything from classical to musicals until The Beatles came on the scene and he was immediately turned on to pop music. As bands became louder, he was influenced by bands such as Deep Purple, and artists such as Jimi Hendrix. But his understanding of classical music form never left, so he found himself drawn to the symphonic rock of bands like Pink Floyd and Procal Harum in addition to the simpler rock material.

As the years went by, he became a musician, and taught not one, but two instruments at the Ontario Conservatory of Music, eventually building a studio to record other people. He quickly learned to multi-track and record his own sections in order to put together fully produced material he had written.

As music styles changes, he began listening to The Weeknd and other hip-hop artists, even rappers such as Eminem when he first came on the scene. Influenced by all of this, John has kept up both his musical and production chops and continues to create music, focusing less on a 'band' sound and more on the sounds of hip-hop and rap beats.

In 2007, he created Fingerman Studios, a home-based studio where he would continue to produce his own tracks, and provide backing tracks for singers and songwriters. This was the start of becoming a producer of beats.

As real drums, basses and guitars began to disappear from the music scene, John focused on synthesized instruments, which meant there were no limitations caused by playing physical instruments. Bass lines ran deeper than a bass guitar could provide, and drum beats went right off the map as far as rhythmic elements that a drummer wouldn't be able to play in real life. This expanded the horizons of possibilities, as the sounds themselves were no longer restricted to what an instrument could produce. Instead, synthesized instruments can be tweaked, created or purchased, to provide an unlimited number of sounds.

But getting back to his classical roots, John discovered a couple of virtual symphony orchestras that he now has in his arsenal of sounds. The addition of some of these sounds to a rap or hip-hop track creates a very unique result. You'll hear some of these in the track selection.

Although digital samples may be used to play back musical performances, such as drum beats, synth lines, etc. we create our own. We use sampled tones which we play on a keyboard, or by directly manipulating the note data in a computer. The only exception is when those tones included human voices, where some short improvised samples may occasionally be used. Often though, we'll pitch correct them differently to how they were intended, so they also sound original.

Lastly, John would like to thank you for supporting Fingerman Beats.